… just a "click" We are very happy to introduce and welcome you to our website www.masterpieceve.com, where you can not only acquire all our designs no matter where you find the world, but also you will find out all Our launches, events, news, social networks, etc.


  This 2016 has been a year of many challenges and work that has filled us with many satisfactions and little by little we have managed to establish ourselves as a brand and consolidate both in our country Venezuela and internationally, all this thanks to you, our followers and Customers, who have supported us from the beginning of this great journey in what has become MASTERPIECE. For this reason, and at your request, from today you can buy all our line of T-shirts via online, just add to the shopping cart and give it "click" and we will take care of the rest, and the best, is that we get to any part of the world , so no matter where you are TOD @ s have the opportunity to proudly take the name of Venezuela and Masterpiece by D´ladies. Welcome and "Viva Venezuela"