Veroo Rahn on the catwalk of the AFW2017


The renowned fashion designer and Venezuelan goldsmith Veroo Rahn arrives at Aruba Fashion Week to propose his ingenious ART-TO-WEAR style, this coming Saturday, December 2 on the important catwalk of MASTERPIECE, with its most impressive proposals from his series more Classical to the pieces specially made for the brand, highlighting the design and the graphic elements of each of its impressive prints in its three times; Tropical, Street Style and Street Glam.

With a deep knowledge of the use of unconventional materials and his passion for creating sumptuous, original and surprisingly light pieces, Veroo Rahn has developed his own artistic language and a very particular technique through the use of polymers, Resins and paints of different types, taking their illustrations to the real plane.

Inspired by the experience of new forms, he has moved from the most abstract and irregular strokes to elaborate and iconic pieces of art to look at. They include graphics and themes in their well-known versions of Lips, Hearts, bonbons and plants, which strategically adapted this time to the proposal of MASTERPIECE; Wet chokers, infinities, stars, amulets, protection symbols, flowers and Calaberas style FRIDA KAHLO accompany in deep harmony the elements of the brand.

Their necklaces, earrings, earrings, bracelets and other striking garments are already recognized on the catwalks and their followers for their original design-level proposals, and their surprising creations in terms of color, texture, comfort and versatility.

The appointment is this Saturday, December 2, at the runway of Aruba fashion WEEK, at the Hotel Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino where Veroo Rahn will complement with accessories specially adapted to the imposing footbridge of MASTERPIECE.


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