The chance wanted us to Fusionáramos…

Maickel Melamed brought together a group of talented entrepreneurs, designers, entrepreneurs and artists, where we were Masterpiece and Liliana Avila and immediately we presented we clicked, Connect and start doing the brainstorming of what today We call: Iconic Rush

Inspiration, creativity, mime and details. No one doubts that it is an easy task to create a work of art, because for us to create each of these pieces requires the same delicacy. However, iconic Rush began with many ideas, adrenaline, a hurried, satisfying and intuitive journey.

With this collection we are interpreting what we are living as citizens of a planet, not just as Venezuelan. We are inspired by the anxiety and chaos that we are living in the 21st century… This is our way of interpreting decay through our positive optics, a realistic but optimistic perspective.

This collection represents the credibility and stability of Liliana Avila, Venezuelan brand with a well-known trajectory of 12 years as a designer of portfolios and the novelty of Masterpiece, also Venezuelan brand that with only three years has managed to position itself in the Market and impose a trend with the creativity of their designs and their T-shirts.

They are approximately more than 30 exclusive designs, in addition to a new interpretation of the most emblematic Masterpiece for this new collection capsule with the three bestsellers of the Team Liliana Avila, the beloved Messenger of Voyage, the template Constantinople and the Most demanded Happy Tote and introducing for the first time the template of the Back Pack.

This time we want to address a broader target, that has always wanted one of our pieces and has not had the opportunity. We have no gender or status… For us every elegant and stylish woman will always be our target.

We will use urban materials mixed with the elegance and sustainable skins that characterize Liliana Avila fused to the unique and amusing images of Masterpiece, which were possible through teamwork of all the designers, "a Real pleasure to meet on the way to continue creating and reinventing, both as artists and on a personal level. " Always our muse will be the sophistication of the tropics, the light of Reveron and the Allure of the Venezuelan woman.

The immediate plans are to generate a lot of joy for all our new and old clients through our pieces. We feel it's time to wake up, generate light and good news. We want to infect Caracas with joy.

Iconic Rush also arrives with an important alliance that adds optimism to the collection, as well as a touch of nostalgia. "Pepsi begins the celebration of the 120 anniversary of its global brand, that's why Pepsi-Cola Venezuela saw the opportunity to join the Masterpiece project with the iconic Pepsi balloon that identified the Caracas landscape until a few years ago and now revives in The wonderful flannels designed exclusively for PEPSI and adapted for the launch of the new collection of portfolios with Liliana Avila ", along with this and other designs we honor the best of our brand in these 120 years, commented Veronica Armas, manager of Portfolio of PEPSI.

This new alliance means a great achievement and recognition for Masterpiece, "Pepsi is an iconic brand, global, that has evolved in time and remain in the minds of its consumers, becoming a reference for many, recognized for its great Collaborations, musical and advertising tendencies, known in the world for transmitting concepts through their music and young spirit. What better fusion for us than to inspire in them and their great emblems to create this new collection of contemporary, free-spirited and urban flannels, loaded in addition to a lot of feeling and yearning. " Designs also adapted for the launching of the new collection of portfolios with our beloved Liliana Avila, which I do not doubt a second to be part of this great TEAM.


The renowned fashion designer and Venezuelan goldsmith Veroo Rahn arrives at Aruba Fashion Week to propose his ingenious ART-TO-WEAR style, this coming Saturday, December 2 on the important catwalk of MASTERPIECE, with its most impressive proposals from his series more Classical to the pieces specially made for the brand, highlighting the design and the graphic elements of each of its impressive prints in its three times; Tropical, Street Style and Street Glam.

With a deep knowledge of the use of unconventional materials and his passion for creating sumptuous, original and surprisingly light pieces, Veroo Rahn has developed his own artistic language and a very particular technique through the use of polymers, Resins and paints of different types, taking their illustrations to the real plane.

Inspired by the experience of new forms, he has moved from the most abstract and irregular strokes to elaborate and iconic pieces of art to look at. They include graphics and themes in their well-known versions of Lips, Hearts, bonbons and plants, which strategically adapted this time to the proposal of MASTERPIECE; Wet chokers, infinities, stars, amulets, protection symbols, flowers and Calaberas style FRIDA KAHLO accompany in deep harmony the elements of the brand.

Their necklaces, earrings, earrings, bracelets and other striking garments are already recognized on the catwalks and their followers for their original design-level proposals, and their surprising creations in terms of color, texture, comfort and versatility.

The appointment is this Saturday, December 2, at the runway of Aruba fashion WEEK, at the Hotel Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino where Veroo Rahn will complement with accessories specially adapted to the imposing footbridge of MASTERPIECE.


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Masterpiece arrives to the happiest island in the Caribbean, to make it even more fun on the Aruba Fashion Week

One of our premises is to create fun, versatile and original pieces. So we did not hesitate a second to present our proposal on the Happy Island, ARUBA.

Our pieces are conceived for the woman of free and current spirit, who likes to be fashionable but without losing her essence and naturalness.

Committed to creating alternative pieces, designed in the most urban and versatile woman, that at any time of the day and occasion likes to be fashionable.

Design author inspired, as Venezuelan we are, in the love for our country, its imposing landscapes, its human quality, and even more in our Latin identity, its diversity and that feeling of belonging, a shared identity of which millions of people We feel proud. A fashion concept, with purpose, where we managed to impose a trend with our line of flannels in Venezuela, thus achieving cross borders and expand this proposal in other countries and cultures.

In this opportunity, not only will we be presenting our eclectic line of flannels, but we'll reveal what will be our new line of swimwear/whole/bodysuites, versatile pieces perfect for summer and for the Caribbean, which for something have become In many favorites and trend.

All this in sync with the Masterpiece attitude, which characterizes us, inspired by our beautiful beaches, the Caribbean, its climate, its colors, landscapes and, without a doubt, the warm, cheerful and vivacious personality of the Latina woman, admired in the world.

We are very happy with the result, it has been a long process to materialize this project that we already had months conceptualizing. We were outstanding and updated every detail, our imported fabrics, latest technology, are water repellent, have less friction, special bathing suits that when immersed in water for long periods, wet but dries faster and offers a resistance Almost nil to it. We hope this December 2 enjoy our carefree pieces laden with a lot of identity, joy, color and attitude. We feel it's time to wake up, generate light and good news.

Adriana Angarita and María Alejandra Bellardi TEAM MASTERPIECE

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